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Meet Our Leadership Team

Amiable Home Care loves connecting with the families we serve! Here is our introduction into your family!


Tiffany Smith


Hello there! My name is Tiffany Smith, and I am one of the co-owners of our beloved Amiable Home Care. My husband Anthony and I started this agency because as parents of children with autism, we thought it was really important to share not only our pain but also all the education and resources we have learned while on this amazing journey with our kids. I have over 13 years of education and experience in the home health and developmentally disabled field. My husband and I have a blended family of 8 children 2 of whom are on the spectrum (our boys). In my leisure time, I love indulging in travel, Japanese anime, interior design, and fashion! I am known to be pretty outgoing, and I love to see people smile. Which leads to my next point... I love to crack jokes! I also give great big warm hugs when they are needed. I am excited for you to join our Amiable family and can't wait to get to know you!

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Anthony Smith II


Hello! My name is Anthony Smith, but everyone calls me Tony. I am the co-owner of Amiable Home Care and also the husband of Tiffany Smith.  I currently hold the position of Director, but I wear many hats with the agency.  I am a CPR/First Aid instructor, and I take part in preparing our caregivers to provide the utmost care and CPR training.  My wife and I have a blended family of children and I take pride in working with our boys. I am passionate about being a mentor to the young men of our communities and teaching them how to be productive men in our society. In my spare time, I love spending time with my children, playing video games, exercising until my muscles ache, and playing cards with my family. I am told I have a very silly personality and I love to crack jokes! I get to know personally all of the families that join our agency, and I thoroughly enjoy the work we do!

Lyssa Jones

Program Director

Coming Soon!

Sitera Myles

HR/Staffing Coordinator

Hello! My name is Sitera Myles, and I am the HR/Staffing Coordinator for Amiable Homecare. I started here in June 2023, and I truly love my job. I have many family members and friends with children that are on the autism spectrum that I love to help out with. I started out in the healthcare field as a CNA/DSP at the tender age of 18. Since then, I’ve worked in all types of facilities, including behavioral health and nursing homes. I love taking care of others and am very passionate about what I do. In the past several years, I have noticed I am becoming a very outgoing person and love meeting new people and cultures. In my personal time, I love spending time with my children and spouse. We like to go to the park and have picnic dates. I currently want to expand my experience/knowledge in the healthcare field, so I excitedly joined the team. I’m an open book and willing to assist anywhere I can. I'm excited to serve you! 

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