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Amiable Happenings!

Keep up with us! Amiable Home Care and Residential Services works very hard to create growth opportunities within ourselves and our community! Check out some of the awesome events we have been a part of what we have coming up next!


Our Latest Blog Entry

October 12th, 2022

We are excited and humbled to announce passed out CARF Accreditation Survey! We are now hold a 3-year accreditation in Community Integration and Home and Community Services. We promise to implement CARF standards and continue to provide the best care to consumers we serve and our community. 

Blackdolla WishTV pic.JPG

Our Second Blog Entry

June 29th, 2021

Our owners were asked by the infamous Indy BlackDolla Facebook group to discuss our agency and services on Tevin Studdard's Podcast in conjunction with WishTV 8. This was an amazing experience and chance to get more recognition into the community. Our goal is to inform as many families as possible about our services so we may increase our outreach. 

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