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About US

Amiable Home Care Inc. is a state-licensed personal services agency. We provide medicaid waiver and private duty services to our clients. Amiable Home Care works with different state agencies like CICOA In-Home Solutions and IMPG to assist clients with staffing needs. Amiable Home Care Inc. is a relatively new agency but provides optimal care and services to our clients and gives their family a peace of mind while they are away. Amiable Home Care was established in 2016 by its founder/CEO Tiffany Crawford. Tiffany has been providing excellent care in the home health field for over 14 years. Our founder created Amiable Home Care to make a difference in our senior community and to also be an advocate for our elderly. There are great resources available to the elderly community that Amiable strives to make the community aware of, as well as aid with referrals. Our founder has dedicated her life to serving the community and believes even a small step can make a huge difference!


NEW IN 2019!!

Amiable Home Care Inc. Became state licensed to operate as a Behavior Health Agency! Amiable now can serve clients from The Bureau of Developmental Disabilities Services (BDDS). Amiable is committed to not only serving our elderly but also other individuals and families in our communities that may suffer from developmental or intellectual disabilities. We strive to help our individuals make progress on their goals and treatment plans while integrating them into the community. We can now service all ages and expand our reach into our communities. 

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