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About Us


Who We Are

Amiable Home Care offers a variety of developmental disabilities services funded by the Indiana Medicaid Waiver program, the Bureau of Developmental Disabilities Services, Division of Aging and Disabled and private pay. All services are designed to support you in the direction of your choice,

Our Mission


The mission of Amiable Home Care is to support individuals in finding opportunities to live a meaningful and fulfilling life in the direction of their choice. Amiable Home Care hopes to assist individuals by adhering to our guiding principles. Amiable Home Care believes that all people have a rightful place in society. People with developmental disabilities are at risk of being devalued and may need help to attain valued social roles and valued lives. Amiable Home Care is committed to assisting individuals in developing and maintaining relationships, opportunities, and living arrangements which are fulfilling, meaningful, and of the individual’s choice. This includes the right of basic human dignity. People with developmental disabilities should be afforded the same dignity and respect as individuals without disabilities. Individuals will be encouraged to express individuality, make choices, select and maintain possessions, and will be afforded privacy and treated with respect.

Our Vision

It is the vision of Amiable Home Care that all individuals with developmental disabilities and physical will have an equal and valued place in their chosen communities.


Mission And Vision

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